29 September 2016

3 great reasons to visit stand D180 at the 2016 World of Learning exhibition

With only three weeks to go, the Speak First team are very excited! On the 19-20 October 2016 we’ll be exhibiting at the World of Learning exhibition in Birmingham, UK and meeting with L&D and HR ...

22 August 2016

Ten golden rules for presenting in public

"The human brain starts working the moment you are born and never stops until you stand up to speak in public." When Sir George Jessel uttered these words, he touched not only on a great truth, but ...

22 August 2016

Does NLP enhance leadership skills?

In August, Training Journal published another article written by Speak First Managing Director, Amanda Vickers. Amanda’s article posed the question: Does learning about NLP give leaders the edge?

22 August 2016

9 Secrets to delivering successful webinars

With a greater number of presentations and meetings being delivered by webinar, simply knowing your message isn't enough.

22 August 2016

What are the advantages of 'open' training courses?

What are the advantages of 'open' training courses over in-company training? As the training market shifts and new global training trends have been appearing, we have been asking what the benefits ...

22 August 2016

Continuing our commitment to learning

As part of the Speak First Foundation’s on-going commitment to developing the education and lives of children, one of our trainers has recently been working with a project in Cape Town, South Africa.

22 August 2016

Hot tips for handling nerves

What to do when you get an attack of the ‘jitters’ Often, nerves and a lack of confidence can be the main thing holding us back, particularly whenspeaking in public or attending an interview. While a ...

22 August 2016

Personal Effectiveness – learn to do the right things right and save time

More than ever, the pressures of work – and indeed life – can make us feel overloaded, overwhelmed and unable to achieve what we need to, when we need to. As people are being asked to do even more ...

22 August 2016

Make a great first impression

“You never get a second chance to make a first impression” W. Triestof Research has proven just how true this quote is. The opinions people form on meeting us for the first time rarely change. One ...

22 August 2016

Opening your presentation with a bang

The first 30 seconds of a presentation are vital. If you don’t engage your audience at that point and make them sit up and take notice, you may well have lost them for the whole presentation. The ...