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23 November 2020
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Workplace stress self-assessment 2020

12 months ago, we launched our Workplace Stress Self-Assessment as part of our Happy Workplace campaign, promoting positive mental well-being at work. During the campaign, we reminded employers of their duty of care, and provided practical tips for employers to reduce their work-related stress and ways to look after themselves. The self-assessment collected responses from a range of professions, industries and countries. After reviewing and analysing the data, we wrote our report.

However, in the time between writing the report and publishing it, the entire landscape of work changed almost overnight. COVID-19 sparked a working from home revolution, as well as affecting working practices, priorities and finances for many organisations around the world. Inevitably, this affected stress levels – both positively and negatively, depending on your own personal situation.

This all meant the findings in our report were outdated almost as soon as they were written down, and yet remain a fascinating snapshot of the world of work from just before the pandemic.

We still actively champion mental well-being in and out of work, but now that the experience of work has changed for so many of us, we want to hear how you are compared to this time last year – when ‘lockdown’ didn’t trigger feelings of dread and most of us had no idea what ‘furlough’ meant.

We have now launched the Workplace Stress Self-Assessment 2020. After filling out the short, anonymous, questionnaire, you will receive your score showing you your own personal stress levels. We hope this helps you recognise and manage the current state of your mental health. If the questions seem familiar, it’s because they’re exactly the same as last year – written by our Design Team, using their expertise in psychology.

By completing the self-assessment, you’re also helping us collect important information about how workers feel about their jobs, their workloads and their overall mental well-being now. Once we’ve collected the data, we’ll write a new report based on the differences between the end of 2019 and the end of 2020. We plan on actually publishing this one!


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