An update on the cape flats youth development programme

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10 June 2021
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CFYDP update

It’s been a while since our last update on the Cape Flats Youth Development Programmes (C.F.Y.D.P) – one of the charities we support through the Speak First Foundation.

We passionately believe that learning is for everyone, which is why we sponsor charities bringing education to those who need it most. The C.F.Y.D.P helps children in the Cape Flats area of South Africa to access better education and improve their opportunities in life.

We’re happy to say that their programmes have managed to grow, despite the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic. Throughout 2020, they provided after school care to 300 children, helping them learn important life skills and build healthy relationships with peers and adults.


Courses for parents

As the programme develops, the team are able to add more initiatives to help the local communities. They’re strong believers in a holistic approach, which means recognising that they can’t just focus on educating children – their parents need help too.

In many cases, because the parents are illiterate and innumerate, their children are destined to be as well. To break this cycle of poor education, the C.F.Y.D.P team runs workshops in two schools for parents to learn to read, write and do maths, becoming responsible for their own learning and for their children. This helps parents to help their children with their schoolwork, while creating an encouraging culture and atmosphere of education around the children.


Social care

The C.F.Y.D.P has its own social worker. This crucial service is unfortunately a much needed necessity, with over 20 cases a day to attend to.

Many of the children that the charity helps have special educational needs, making them more vulnerable. The social worker does their best to keep them safe and looked after through home visits and counselling at school.


Speak First is proud to continue its support of the Cape Flats Youth Development Programme, with 2.5% of our net profits going towards our charitable foundation.

If you would like to know more about the C.F.Y.D.P, any of the other charities we support or about the Foundation itself, please get in touch.