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We're not your average training and coaching consultancy. Speak First has been helping organisations like yours to become more successful and more profitable for more than 30 years. We’re one of a handful companies specialising in communication and management training that’s able to deliver consistently around the world – using expert local trainers to adapt the content to the local culture.

2 February 2023

Giving everyone a chance to be heard: How to facilitate great meetings

Increasingly, meetings are getting a bad reputation. The phrase “it could have been an email” has become commonplace, representing people’s frustration with having to attend something which ends up ...

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19 January 2023

Emotional intelligence at work: The secret power great leaders need

Leaders at work need to build relationships, communicate clearly, inspire others and establish trust. A key element of this process is developing emotional intelligence (EQ) – the ability to ...

12 January 2023

The three elements of time management: Making the most of your day

The Doctor, of TV’s ‘Doctor Who,’ has all the time in the world (or any world they decide to visit!). Flying around the universe in their time machine, The Tardis, The Doctor is able to take as much ...

15 December 2022

Cialdini’s principles of influence: Raising your effect on others

In life and work, we’re constantly bombarded by people trying to influence us. There are colleagues at work who need us to sign on to new projects; politicians influencing us to vote for them; ...

23 November 2022

Announcement: Speak First acquired by Dutch edTech scaleup, Lepaya

We are excited to announce that Speak First has been acquired by Lepaya, a rapidly expanding Netherlands-based Learning and Development scaleup. They work with enterprises to upskill their workforce ...

27 October 2022

Do as I say, not as I do: Why L&D professionals need more L&D

As the organisers and figureheads of workplace learning, sharing the benefits and advocating training for others, one would expect Learning and Development professionals to be the first in line for ...

29 September 2022

Why you shouldn’t be resigned to the Great Resignation

This article is from our new series 'One small step for Management: The L&D guide to the giant leap in employee expectations.' We've been publishing  all the articles but if you don't want wait, ...

15 September 2022

Why it’s impossible to avoid bringing your troubles to the workplace

This is the second article from our new series 'One small step for Management: The L&D guide to the giant leap in employee expectations.' We'll publish the rest over the next few weeks, if you ...