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We're not your average training and coaching consultancy. Speak First has been helping organisations like yours to become more successful and more profitable for more than 30 years. We’re one of a handful companies specialising in communication and management training that’s able to deliver consistently around the world – using expert local trainers to adapt the content to the local culture.

8 September 2022

Modern culture for a modern workforce: What your people want from you

This is the first article from our new series 'One small step for Management: The L&D guide to the giant leap in employee expectations.' We'll publish the rest over the next few weeks, if you ...

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21 July 2022

The buck stops with you: Why leaders must make themselves accountable

Leaders don’t have absolute power, and they’re not infallible – even if many would like to think they are. But, they are the ones in charge, and the success or failure of a project or team often ...

14 July 2022

The art of being yourself: The role of authenticity in leadership

When people look to their leaders, they’re weighing up the many different elements of their skills, style and personality to understand them and start anticipating what they’ll want. Different people ...

7 July 2022

The leadership mindset: having a positive outlook

There are many facets to great leadership: a clear vision, charisma to inspire others and the drive to make things happen. But there’s one thing that’s often overlooked – positivity. It’s a simple ...

23 June 2022

One vision with many voices: Why leadership training is for everyone

In the words of William Shakespeare: “Some men are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them.” There are also plenty of people who should have greatness, but never ...

9 June 2022

Creating a lasting relationship: How to build trust with clients

When talking to clients, there’s a number of approaches you can take: the light touch, the hard sell, influencing, manipulation, and the list goes on. These all have advantages and disadvantages, ...

26 May 2022

Rise to the challenge: How to be a great leader in a VUCA world

The best leaders develop the direction and vision for their teams, while setting the tone and atmosphere of the organisation. They should motivate, inspire and bring everyone along with them. This is ...

19 May 2022

Meet your people where they are: How to run hybrid learning solutions

Hybrid training is yet another new frontier for L&D teams around the globe, coming with its own array of opportunities and challenges for learners and organisations. It’s hardly the first new ...

5 May 2022

Getting ahead in negotiations: Reading and controlling body language

The most skilled poker players can win even when they’re holding a terrible hand. That’s because they know how to read their opponents’ body language and control their own. They’ll pick up on the ...

28 April 2022

Keeping control of your time: How to stand your ground

You’ve got a busy day of work ahead of you and you’re only just going to hit that deadline – assuming nothing distracts you. But then your inbox pings with a meeting invite for a brainstorming ...