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We're not your average training and coaching consultancy. Speak First has been helping organisations like yours to become more successful and more profitable for more than 30 years. We’re one of a handful companies specialising in communication and management training that’s able to deliver consistently around the world – using expert local trainers to adapt the content to the local culture.

11 February 2021

How to learn from mistakes and grow from failure

No one likes making mistakes and no one likes getting things wrong. We want to show that we’re intelligent and capable people. We don’t like to show weakness, fallibility or to make people question ...

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28 January 2021

How to create the most effective learning experiences for all

Have you ever been on holiday to a foreign country and realised you learnt more of the language in a week than you ever did at school? The secret ingredient is practice. Having an opportunity to use ...

14 January 2021

Our L&D Predictions for 2021 - The year we shape the future together

If you’ve read Part 1 of this two-part series – where we looked back at our predictions for L&D in 2020 to see how we did – you’ve already seen our description of the last 12 months. From the ...

3 December 2020

How to adapt your presentation style for the virtual world

It wasn’t too long ago that we were all learning how to adapt our way of working from face to face to virtual. For many of us, virtual meetings were a new phenomenon which felt like a temporary fix ...

23 November 2020

A stressful year? Let's find out - We want to hear from you!

12 months ago, we launched our Workplace Stress Self-Assessment as part of our Happy Workplace campaign, promoting positive mental well-being at work. During the campaign, we reminded employers of ...

12 November 2020

Successful project ownership: How to use influence to gain buy-in

Things don’t just happen on their own. For any organisation, everything from meeting clients, keeping the website updated, hiring, firing and everything in between requires someone to actually do it. ...

29 October 2020

How Speak First has been supporting communities during the pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has been an unprecedented time, bringing challenges and loss to people and families all over the world. At Speak First, we have always had a strong commitment to helping others ...

8 October 2020

Taking care of your employees: Mental Well-being in the time of covid-19

World Mental Health Day falls every year on 10th October. This year, the day feels more poignant and truly global than ever before, with the COVID-19 pandemic affecting every corner of the world. ...