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We're not your average training and coaching consultancy. Speak First has been helping organisations like yours to become more successful and more profitable for more than 30 years. We’re one of a handful companies specialising in communication and management training that’s able to deliver consistently around the world – using expert local trainers to adapt the content to the local culture.

1 October 2020

Learning to Adapt: Navigating the New Era

Benjamin Franklin once said, “Change is the only constant in life. One’s ability to adapt to those changes will determine your success in life.” Some changes are expected and can be planned for – ...

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24 September 2020

4 tips to make it easier to say 'no'

Saying ‘no’ is hard. In fact, we’ve previously dedicated an entire article to why you might have trouble saying ‘no’. Maybe you want to show a willingness to help, don’t want to offend or are scared ...

17 September 2020

Clear minds and better decisions: How to eliminate unconscious bias

Our brains are lazy. When someone hears the word ‘shark,’ they’re likely to immediately think of violent attacks and may even start humming the theme from Jaws. In reality, the chances any of us will ...

10 September 2020

Uncovering the real gold: A Checklist for sales prospecting

Many salespeople feel at their best when they’re having productive meetings and closing deals, so it’s no surprise that they often look at prospecting as the tedious side of the job. However, the ...

3 September 2020

What does the future of L&D look like after lockdown?

As men left to fight in World War Two, many women joined the workforce and experienced financial and personal freedom for the first time. With role models like Rosie the Riveter to look up to, they ...

13 August 2020

What you need to know before bringing your people back to the workplace

For many of us, the ‘new normal’ created by the Coronavirus lockdown won’t be feeling so ‘new’ anymore. However, in the fast and constantly changing world, there is always another ‘new’ thing coming ...