Does NLP enhance leadership skills?

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18 August 2016
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In August, Training Journal published another article written by Speak First Managing Director, Amanda Vickers. Amanda’s article posed the question: Does learning about NLP give leaders the edge?

At a time when leadership skills are top of the agenda for most organisations, Amanda (who is a Master Practitioner of NLP) looks at how the applied psychology can be used by leaders to help them perform better.
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She talks about leaders using NLP to help them gain clarity over what they want – vital for providing clear and strong direction. NLP uses ‘well-formed outcomes’ to ensure that actions and behaviours are aligned to the goal.

Further benefits of NLP for leaders include: influencing skills, demonstrating congruence between deeds and words, being able to ‘pace’ others by meeting them in their ‘map’ of the world, gaining new insightsinto situations and relationships using ‘Perceptual Positions’.

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