Essential NLP: 4th edition now available

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24 November 2016
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Think about the last time you set a goal. Did you achieve it? What about the last time you decided you’d like to be more, or less, of something? More confident? Less stressed? More focused? Did you manage to make those fundamental changes?

If the word ‘No’ is ringing around your head, then it’s almost certain you’ve Untitled design (2).jpgquestioned why that was the case, and – more importantly – how you can overcome it.

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) can shed some light on those questions we all have, and help you to understand yourself and others. NLP is a form of psychology focusing on how we process the world and communicate with it, so we can re-programme ourselves to act differently.

This is all starting to sound complicated already, isn’t it? Well, that’s because it can be.

Not that it has to be. ‘Essential NLP’, by Amanda Vickers and Steve Bavister, is an easy to understand guide for those new to NLP that looks at how to unlock yours and others potential.

Now in its 4th edition, Essential NLP has sold over 53,000 copies globally and has been translated into 5 other languages.

The latest edition comes with a new chapter looking at the neuroscience behind NLP in an easily readable way. This will allow you to unlock your potential and understand how to make those goals a reality.


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