How Speak First has been supporting communities during the pandemic

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29 October 2020
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Bangladesh distribution reliefThe COVID-19 pandemic has been an unprecedented time, bringing challenges and loss to people and families all over the world. At Speak First, we have always had a strong commitment to helping others and doing the right thing. This is why we’re proud that the Speak First Foundation has continued its support for the Floating School in Bangladesh and the Cape Flats Youth Development Programme throughout the pandemic.

We have shared information on both of these organisations before, and now we’re revisiting them to highlight the great work they’ve been doing for their communities in the recent months.


Floating School in Bangladesh

The Floating Schools are an initiative to bring education to those in hard to reach areas of the Kishoreganj region of Bangladesh, which are regularly cut off from the mainland by monsoons and flooding, leaving 90% of children without access to education. Unfortunately, the lockdown in Bangladesh forced schools to close, including the Floating Schools.

Even though the schools shut, Learning for Life and POPI, the organisations that run the Floating Schools, took it upon themselves to provide food packages and hygiene equipment to the 240 families that the schools would usually support.

Businesses had to shut and people stayed home to keep themselves and their families safe from the virus. However, many people in the area can’t afford to be out of work for so long. These parcels were enough to keep a family fed and healthy for 30 days and were literal life savers for many people.


Cape Flats Youth Development Programme (CFYDP)

CFYDP covid relief

Over in the Cape Flats region of South Africa, the CFYDP provides care to 300 under privileged children, many of whom have severe learning disabilities and have had either no formal schooling or dropped out. Without this programme, many of these young people would turn to crime, but the CYFDP help them get a good education and learn to build healthy relationships with peers and adults through a range of after-school activities.

As part of our ongoing support, the Speak First Foundation funded the purchase of a minibus to help safely transport children to school and take them on trips. It now has a new job in transporting meals and masks to impoverished families in the community, helping those most in need during the COVID-19 crisis.


Despite the ongoing pandemic and the challenges it brings, these two organisations have continued finding ways to channel their resources into helping their community.

Speak First continues to donate 2.5% of its net profits to support projects helping children in need of education around the world, and now we are happy and proud to support their efforts in saving lives and protecting their communities.


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