Introducing our new Learning solutions in 2020

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20 February 2020
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New courses in 2020

At Speak First, we always strive to design and deliver useful, interesting and relevant learning solutions. We believe that even the most technically competent professional can be helped by developing their soft skills. Our expertise includes Communication Skills, Impact and Influence, and Leadership and Management (and more) because these skills make people more effective for their organisation and help them to reach their full potential in their lives.

We’re proud of our current catalogue of learning solutions, but we know there’s always more we could add. As the world changes, and organisations need to adapt and grow, there are new issues to face and new questions to answer. We’ve listened to feedback, heard what our clients have been asking for and looked at the upcoming trends in business and L&D in order to create 12 brand new courses.

Our new courses span the breadth of our existing core areas, delving deeper than we ever have before into communication and presentation skills, diversity, collaboration, resilience and more. They’re all highly interactive and practical, meaning every participant leaves able to put what they’ve learnt to immediate use.

These courses are ready to go or can be tailored to perfectly suit your company. Whether it’s your first time at one of our courses, or you’ve attended many others, our courses will take your knowledge to the next level.


The Courses

Even the most competent professionals struggle to reach their full business potential if they lack strong communication skills. Whether it’s for salespeople talking to customers, or improving your staff’s ability to report results to managers, Excel at Storytelling will make them more engaging and interesting when they present. Our advanced influencing course, Get What You Want and More will help your people grow in confidence and become much more persuasive.

Mental wellbeing is one of the big issues for the modern world and every organisation has a responsibility to look after their employees. Our courses Bouncing Back and Navigating Ambiguity focus on the psychology of stress and practical methods for succeeding in an increasingly volatile and uncertain landscape, making your people more resilient in their business and personal lives.

You think, therefore you are – but could you be thinking in a more effective way? To help your employees thrive in the fast-paced world of business, our trio of courses Get Creative, Critical Thinking and Becoming Agile will ensure they come up with new ideas and cutting-edge thoughts, helping your organisation stay one step ahead of the crowd.

Teamwork is one of the central pillars of a successful company. Our new collaboration course, Smash Your Silos will ensure the smooth exchange of ideas within your teams, getting people with different behavioural styles and preferences working together. These skills are particularly important in modern businesses, where employees should understand Diversity and Inclusion and leaders should be confident in Managing Culture Clashes.

As helpful as it will be to boost their people skills, it’s also important to make sure everyone understands the business side of your organisation as well. By asking your employees Are You Financially Awake? you can improve their commercial awareness. You can also teach people at all levels that Stakeholders are the Project, meaning your whole workforce will be better aligned to business goals.


This is just a small taste of what’s in our exciting new courses.

For more information on all our learning solutions, including our delivery methods and how to book, click here.