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22 April 2021

Language and representation matter: the importance of inclusivity in L&D

Workplace training is meant to bolster and develop your employees, but it’s not going to be effective if there are people who feel excluded or overlooked by your programmes. Many organisations talk ...

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15 April 2021

4 ways to elevate your customer service from average to outstanding

Customers expect a certain level of service. If they don’t get it from you, they’ll find another company that will. They want to feel cared about, and not merely viewed as a number in a database.

24 March 2021

How to develop your team through effective delegation

As a manager, or leader of a team, you shouldn’t be expected to do everything yourself. Your time will fill up very quickly, you don’t want to spend time completing work that others can do well, find ...

18 March 2021

Overcoming writer's block: 5 tips for finishing those reports

Whether you’re writing a financial report, an email update to your manager or team, or a blog for your company’s website, it can often feel overwhelming starting a new writing project. Sometimes the ...

4 March 2021

Staying in touch: 6 tips for great internal remote communication

It’s been a year since offices closed and entire workforces began working remotely. In that time, we’ve published a number of articles on how to improve your virtual presentations or sales, but it’s ...

18 February 2021

5 tips for remote selling

The Chinese word for ‘crisis’ is made up of two characters – one meaning ‘danger’ and the other ‘opportunity.’ This is the perfect description for the current situation many organisations have found ...

11 February 2021

How to learn from mistakes and grow from failure

No one likes making mistakes and no one likes getting things wrong. We want to show that we’re intelligent and capable people. We don’t like to show weakness, fallibility or to make people question ...

28 January 2021

How to create the most effective learning experiences for all

Have you ever been on holiday to a foreign country and realised you learnt more of the language in a week than you ever did at school? The secret ingredient is practice. Having an opportunity to use ...

14 January 2021

Our L&D Predictions for 2021 - The year we shape the future together

If you’ve read Part 1 of this two-part series – where we looked back at our predictions for L&D in 2020 to see how we did – you’ve already seen our description of the last 12 months. From the ...