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21 October 2021

Empowering a culture of constant learning: Developing a growth mindset

In school, children are graded, and classes sometimes separated, based on overall attainment. From our very first day in the classroom, exam questions tend to come down to a binary ‘right’ or ...

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14 October 2021

Generate ideas and develop strategy: Tips for effective brainstorming

Brainstorming is a simple process for quickly generating a lot of new ideas. Whether individually or with a group, you note down every idea that comes to you – evaluating and analysing them later. By ...

23 September 2021

Make an impact with your presentations: how to perfect your style

When giving a presentation, whether aiming to inform, influence or inspire, you want your audience to stay focused and take everything in. Many people assume this requires a lot of natural charisma ...

9 September 2021

The 7 questions to improve your decision making and critical thinking

‘It is our choices that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.’ – Albus Dumbledore, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. 

19 August 2021

Powering up your body language: 6 ways to project confidence

People often joke about how bad Superman’s disguise is. Surely people would see past Clark Kent’s glasses and recognise he’s the famous superhero? There’s a scene in the 1978 ‘Superman’ movie that ...

29 July 2021

Virtual Onboarding: How to give your remote workers the best start

Starting a new job is a landmark moment. There’s always a lot to discover over your first few days, whether it’s your first job and you’re learning the dos and don’ts of being in a workplace, or ...

22 July 2021

Taking out the guesswork: how to give your customers a voice

‘The customer is always right.’ Anyone who’s ever worked in retail may well flinch at that line. As individuals, some customers can be loud, rude and downright annoying, but as a group they’re hard ...

15 July 2021

Relearning old skills: Remembering how to network again

We’ve spent a lot of time indoors over the last year and a half, with our social interactions being largely restricted to Zoom, phone calls, emails and texts. While some people have already started ...

8 July 2021

Financial awareness: Do you understand your company's metrics?

Do you often get lost during financial updates from senior executives? Does the jargon all go over your head and you begin to wish they’d use simpler words and talk slower? Do you sometimes feel like ...

29 June 2021

Using a consultancy approach to take your L&D to the next level

At Speak First, we have always passionately believed that L&D can unlock the full potential of your team and raise up your business. This can only be done through an in-depth knowledge of your ...