Personal Effectiveness – learn to do the right things right and save time

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2 June 2016
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More than ever, the pressures of work – and indeed life – can make us feel overloaded, overwhelmed and unable to achieve what we need to, when we need to. As people are being asked to do even more with even less, both to-do lists and hours worked are getting longer. But are we being any more effective?

Business man in a rush.jpgPersonal effectiveness is about what you do, how you do it and when you do it. If you can get these right, you’ll find that you achieve more in less time, you feel in control and relaxed, you are trusted and reliable and ultimately you get ahead in your career.

Sounds good doesn’t it? But how do you achieve it? Sadly, Speak First has not come any closer to inventing an ‘extra time creating machine’ than anyone else. However, we do have lots of tips and ideas to share on how to work smarter not harder, so that you feel like you’re gaining more hours in the day and are much more effective in your role.

Our new Personal Effectiveness course (which is only two hours long, so we don’t take up too much of that precious time!) tackles three key areas: task management, relationship management and self management. If you can manage these three things effectively, you’ll be amazed at what you can achieve with relatively little pain.

At Speak First, we know that working effectively isn’t as simple as just ‘working faster’. So many things get in the way of steaming through our task list, whether it be additional requests from colleagues, misunderstandings in communication, wasting time on peripheral activities, or a lack of self-belief. That’s why this course combines time management skills with tips on how to manage interruptions and expectations, communicate assertively and believe in (and motivate) yourself, among other things. 

Our aim is that you come away from this personal effectiveness course with a host of skills and also the right mindset to:

  • be more focused and organised
  • prioritise effectively
  • gets things done rather than procrastinating
  • communicate clearly
  • be assertive and confident
  • do the right things, right
  • feel happier at work
We’ve already run the course with great success for some large clients and we know that these two hours will be well spent for many people. That’s why we’re now offering Personal Effectiveness as an open course, so that as an individual you have the opportunity to learn what changes you can make to the way you work and feel like you have indeed got that ‘time-creating machine’ on your side!


Steve Bavister, who is delivering the course has just finished writing a book on time management which will be in the shops later this year. So by attending this course, you’ll have a sneak preview of some of his soon-to-be-published hints and tips!