SAles season Part 4: Personal development done right

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6 February 2017
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Everyone can benefit from personal development on some level. Afterall, that's the reason you're here. The key thing to remember is that personal development is ongoing and needs constant refinement and attention to continue to be effective. Though, with so much to consider, where do you start? Here. 

1. Remember: Your selling skills and knowledge need constant honing  How to- Creating a personal development plan.png
2. Devise your own personal development programme and stick to it 
3. Maintain your own personal development log’ and note down,
as they arise, specific points for inclusion in your development programme   4. Look to learn from everyone around you
5. Talk to others about the new things you are learning; it will aid retention
6. Periodically, review your programme, critically analyse it and adjust where necessary

Sounds pretty straight forward right? It is! The difference in your technique will present itself in your relationship with your clients, your confidence, your successes and even in your relationships with colleagues.  

Do you find this article helpful? Or do you think we missed something?  We want  to hear what you think, and how you benefit from this. Drop us a line. 

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