Six steps to inspiring and motivating others

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31 March 2017
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Today’s complex, fast-changing business environment demands that managers and leaders should be capable of achieving results through others, which means ensuring your people are motivated and engaged to achieve business goals. Inspiring and motivating others as a leader can increase talent retention, develop people to deliver more and create a healthier working culture which limits absenteeism. By following these six key points for inspiring and motivating you can improve your team performance.

1 Be motivated and inspired yourself

You will never inspire others unless you are motivated and inspired yourself. Enthusiasm is infectious and spreads like wild fire. If you want to inspire you have to feel it first.


2 Treat each person as an individual

People are motivated in different ways. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution to motivation. You may need to help them clarify how the strategy relates to them and their role.


3 Provide them with a challenge

If new objectives are unrealistic they will de-motivate people and if they’re too easy people won’t feel they need to put much energy behind them. When you strike the right balance, and make people challenge what they believe they can attain, they’ll be motivated to achieve them.


4 Keep them informed of progress

When people know they’re making progress towards implementing the strategy it gives them an energy boost. When effort is rewarded they’ll be prepared to push harder to reach the overall goal. Communicate it with energy and enthusiasm.


5 Create a motivating environment

Most people flourish in an environment where they’re empowered to do their job their way. This doesn’t mean there’s no need to monitor what people do but if you’re too controlling it will reduce motivation. Give them an opportunity to provide input on decisions about the strategy that affect them.


6 Recognition

A sincere ‘Well done’ can really help motivation. Most people like to be appreciated for what they’ve achieved even if they brush it aside. If you recognise and acknowledge effort it will encourage them to keep going and overcome obstacles. Congratulate individuals who have done particularly well.


Simple stuff, right? Let us know how you get on! 


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