Taking a look at our virtual learning solutions

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16 March 2020
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Taking a look at our virtual courses

More and more people are working remotely away from their offices, or flexible hours to suit their busy personal lives. This creates many new and exciting opportunities for their organisations but can make it difficult to get everyone in the same room for a training course. We don’t want your people to miss out on valuable skills, experiences and learning just because they’re not physically in the office.

At Speak First, we’ve specialised in instructor-led training for over 30 years. We’ve witnessed countless times the added benefit of having a live instructor, as well as the value of being able to engage with other participants to provide feedback and take part in active discussions.

We’ve always had flexible learning options – including our learning solutions, shorter learning bites and one-to-one coaching, all of which we can run face-to-face or virtually – giving organisations and participants the opportunity to plan a learning journey that’s tailor made to suit their needs. Now, we’re proud to say that more of our learning solutions are available virtually than ever before, making our training even more accessible and convenient.


What’s so special about instructor-led training?

Our recipe for creating genuinely meaningful and lasting learning experiences is to get the right mix of high-quality content, exceptional trainers and enthusiastic participants. This is true whether we’re running a face-to-face workshop or a virtual webinar.

Our team of training designers spend many hours researching and planning content for each new topic to ensure it’s full of the most up to date theories and models, as well as being highly practical and relevant for businesses. Additionally, every one of our global team of trainers has been selected because they’re experienced, enthusiastic, knowledgeable, personable and will bring something extra special to the sessions they lead. And finally, every participant brings something unique to the training sessions they attend. Our courses are all designed to be interactive, with a lot of opportunity for discussions, group activities and questions.

Without the instructors and other participants interacting and collaborating together, the content would have much less value. This is why we champion instructor-led training, and why we ensure our virtual sessions run the same way as our face-to-face sessions.


How do the virtual sessions compare?

Our virtual training sessions are still all highly interactive and are led by an instructor taking participants through a learning journey together. There are no compromises on the course content, retaining all the well-researched and life improving information you’d hear if the trainer came to speak in your organisation’s head office.

Vibrant and engaging discussions will always be one of the cornerstones of our style of training, so we use specialised software that allows participants to talk to each other, join in with activities, ask questions and can even be split into smaller groups for exercises.

Whether your organisation and employees would be best served by one of our traditional face-to-face classroom sessions or one of our virtual sessions, you can rest assured that these will always be the same high-quality and high-impact courses, delivered by world-class trainers, that you’ve come to expect from us.


We can now offer all of our Learning Solutions virtually. Click here to explore our full catalogue.