The Cape Flats Youth Development Programme (C.F.Y.D.P.)

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23 January 2019
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On this blog, we recently shared details of The Floating School project in Bangladesh sponsored by the Speak First Foundation. This initiative ensures children have access to quality education throughout the year, even during the monsoon and post-monsoon seasons when large parts of the country are affected by flooding.

We are now delighted to share details of another project supported by the Speak First Foundation, The Cape Flats Youth Development Programmes (C.F.Y.D.P.) in South Africa.

Founded in 2017, the C.F.Y.D.P. is a non-profit, grassroots community organisation dedicated to improving the health, educational attainment, human welfare and opportunities for youth, adults and families in rural areas. Their vision is to give disadvantaged youth the opportunity to gain access to basic literacy education and training for the job market.

C.F.Y.D.P.'s CEO, Ester Uys, has worked extensively in the rural communities like Crossroads, Langa, Philippi and the informal settlement of Flamingo Vlei for the past seven years, largely with disadvantaged families. As a social worker, Ester has experienced first-hand the needs of the community, the challenges and obstacles that young people face daily.

How the Speak First Foundation and C.F.Y.D.P. started working together

Amanda Vickers, Speak First CEO and driving force behind the Speak First Foundation says:

“Claudia Unger, one of our senior training consultants at Speak First, was volunteering at the boys’ orphanage in Cape Town Flats. Claudia got in touch to tell me about it and ask whether we might provide some support through our Foundation. I discovered that the boys couldn’t join in sports activities at school because they didn’t have trainers. It was a pleasure to be able to help with that, as well as provide other educational and fun toys.”

What has been the impact of the project so far?

With the support of the Speak First Foundation, the C.F.Y.D.P purchased ten computers, reading material, football sets and provided salaries for their football coach, referee, teacher and computer facilitator.
Contributions from the Speak First Foundation has enabled the C.F.Y.D.P. to expand their initial programme to a primary school of 150 pupils and provide after school activities.

The activities include reading and non-formal basic education programmes, computer training and football programmes for children who may have dropped out of, or never entered, the school system.

C.F.Y.P.F. also provides health education on hygiene and sanitation, (HIV/AIDS awareness, prevention and early intervention and substance abuse testing) to 300 individuals.

Ester Uys, CEO at C.F.Y.D.P, said:    

“We are so grateful to the Speak First Foundation for providing us with the necessary funding to implement our much needed projects. We are currently providing services to 200 children that are presently participating in our programmes.”

A photo of the C.F.Y.D.P. staff with the children on the programmeThe Speak First team is grateful to have the opportunity to contribute to programmes like the ones run by the C.F.Y.D.P. and provide – through education – better opportunities to children in some parts of the world.

As Speak First continues donating 2.5% of its net profit to the Speak First Foundation, we’ll be able to sponsor more projects and enable more children to have access to high quality education.